First Study of Enterprise Mobility in Mexico

Interview El Finaciero - Bloomberg TV : First Study of Enterprise Mobility.

It is clear that mobile trend has flooded our lives. With the arrival of smartphones and tablets, in just seven years - from the emergence of the iPhone in 2007 - has changed the way we interact, entertain, learn and buy, among many other uses we have give to these devices. The mobile revolution is changing the way businesses and large enterprises are visualized for the future and are constantly faced with the enormous opportunities, challenges and threats that these technologies bring.


The present study has the mission to provide a report on the state of maturity of mobile companies in Mexico, to identify the most relevant mobile initiatives that are transforming the way we do business so that companies can define what is their stage of adoption and where they are located relative to its competition.





 Interview Excelsior TV: First Study of Enterprise Mobility in México