Why Proximate


Proximate is dedicated to mobilizing businesses across Latin America to bring you closer to your customers and employees.


  • We are one stop shopping for all your Mobile Strategy
  • We align Mobile Experience with your Business Objectives
  • We have developed alliances with the Global leaders in each field of Mobile Technology.
  • We give you the ability to execute thru all Latin America your Mobile Strategy.
  • We can help you whether you need a simple app development thru a full-blown program

We make sure the mobile experience works for your business in your markets, now and in the future, with the latest technology. We access global resources to make the local experience the best it can be

Our people were born, raised, and live in your markets. We understand the culture, how to do business, the state of the technology, and most importantly what people in local markets want from the mobile experience. So we can provide you solutions that work robustly with your communications infrastructure and have the look and feel of the local environment.

But our people were also born, raised, and live in the centers of technological excellence around the world. We bring you the latest technology from the U.S., cutting edge applications from Western Europe and Scandinavia, and the lowest cost development from India and Eastern Europe.

We provide one stop shopping for all of your mobile needs, whether it's a full-blown program to take you from strategy to implementation or just the development of an app. We are intensely customer focused and absolutely guarantee all of our work.