There is a lot that goes into a successful mobile strategy and the marketplace for services is evolving.

Small niche players have produced some startling innovations, but they tend to be point solutions. Larger players want to lock you into their suite of offerings, even if they are less than best in class. And the larger players are gobbling up the smaller ones.

We recognize that it is impossible to be a master in all areas and still provide the best solutions in each. So we have sourced the world to find the best in class in development, deployment, and management. These are the service providers that we have chosen as our partners.

Even with the best technology, few firms are able to give a optimized website or app the local look and feel it needs to win over customers. So we partner with local design firms in Latin American to ensure the mobile experience has the look and feel your customers want and your employees expect.

But we've gone a step further. We not only want the best in class technology and a delightful user experience, we also want to be able to deliver it to our customers at a lower cost than anyone else. So we work with our global partners to outsource the components of development that are not strategically critical.

For our customers, it means the best technology with a distinctive native feel, at the lowest possible cost.