Interview Excelsior TV: Second Study of Enterprise Mobility in Mxico


During 2014 the installed base of smartphones in Mexico, reached a figure of 52.6 million units at the end of 2014, represented 50.7% of mobile lines market, surpassing for the first time the number of basic mobile devices in the market. For the companies in México, the mobile revolution continues transforming the world of business in the competing, the expectations of its customers and the manner in which its partners interact. Therefore,  there is no surprise that for the organizations in Mexico, mobility remains a strategic priority; however, companies continue seeing itself at the same level or lagging competition in the use and adoption of mobile technology, which it in a very competitive environment and rapid expansion makes it clear that there is no time to lose implementing successful solutions and high impact leveraging the benefits of this technology, compromising the talent and resources for this type of projects.


For the second year, we offer you the second study of empresearial mobility in Mexico, with the most relevant information about the state and trends of enterprise adoption of mobile apps. Compare your mobile with more than 140 leading companies in Mexico.

Download the complete study here.